Monday, July 19, 2010

My first hair cut

Not that my lovely curls weren't any cute but today I went for my first hair cut (as dad predicted it... it happened as soon as he took the flight to Shanghai :-) And, if you gotta get your hair cut... get it done in style !
Have to confess I was a bit worried when I heard that they were going to cut somehting but then Grandma and mom took me to a really cool place: "Fashionkids".
As soon as we came in tey gave me a nice robe (similar to the bib I have at home but faaaaaaar longer) and off I went to meet my hairstylist: Adri.
And then... I saw the cars. A beautiful yellow old style car, a red fire-truck and a blue racing car. I will only say that I ended up climbing into the three of them, singing with Adri and watching cartoons.
I had so much fun that I totally forgot I had come to "get something cut". Can you imagine? By the time we were done, I looked into the mirror and there I was.... cuttest as ever !
And that wasn't all... I even got a 1st hair cut certificate with my piucture and a bit of my hair.
Mmmm, now I know why mom has so much fun at the hair dresser. I already look forward to the next visit !

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