Thursday, July 29, 2010

I love going to the park

Yes. That's another thing I am really enjoying this summer: going to the park.

I really like it because it is a lot of fun. There are plenty of cool things to do at parks... going down the slide... pushing on the swing... riding on the jumping birds...

There are plenty of parks here and, as the weather is really sunny and warm, I can go very often. Honestly, don't know why daddy kept on saying that in La Coruna rains all the time.... it is so not true ! Must be only happening when he is around...

I like it a lot when I go to the park with the abuelo and the abuela because they also play with me but what I enjoy most is to spend time with other children. I have made a lot of friends already !

The funny thing is that here in Spain, when I see other children I just look like everyone else. It is kind of relaxing though I have to say I was getting used to the attention and the pictures from the locals back home in Shanghai !

Well... guess I am still a bit different because I speak a bit of Chinese and that's not very common here in Spain but I am sure that many of the girls find it cute and interesting :-)

Ah ! there is something else I really enjoy when I go to the park and that is grabbing all the toys from other kids ! I think mom was not having a good time with that but by now she has learned that, at the playground... everything belongs to everyone !

Or.. don't you think I look cute with this stroller from my friend Paula? My uncle Pabli took this picture last week when he took me to the park with auntie Nuky. I loved it !

And look, today I went to the park with my friends Xulia, Lara and Miguelito.

They are the cousins of my auntie Susi so I think that kind of makes them my cousins too, right? that would be great because I really like them and we had a lot of fun !

I can't wait to see them again.

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