Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Touring Germany with Kaki & Fifi

So last week was a very active one. Don't you think that it was just about the Taufe !

It was Fifi's first time in Germany so I was a man on a mission: let the tour begin !

I had everything planned for Monday. Get up early. Cake and milk for breakfast. Pack our warmest clothes and... gooooooooooo !

Off we started going to Rothemburg of der Tauber, an amazing little town packed with beautiful houses and incredible corners. Rothemburg is a true Christmas village where you can find all kinds of Christmas things throughout the year, but Rothemburg is specially beautiful now in winter.

First we walked a bit around the village were all the little shops on the street were selling handcrafts, food and glühwein.

Then we went into one of the most amazing shops I have ever seen: Käthe Wohlfahrt. I could not close my mouth (literally) when I went inside and saw all those teddy bears moving around, singing and dancing.

It just got better as you walked through the store. All kinds of amazing Christmas things with bright and shiny colors !!! Was really hard for me not to touch everything but I was a very well behaved guy and only grabbed a couple of things :-)

With so much excitement we were ready for a meal so we went into a great restaurant at the town hall square. Fifi & Kaki had a great steak with onion but my wurst with fries was not less impressive !

I also had a lot of fun painting on my blackboard with tio Kaki but the real surprise was waiting for us outside.... snow !!!

It was a fantastic day and I think Kaki, Fifi and mom enjoyed as much as I did. In the evening I took them all to Nuremberg and we enjoyed seeing the Christkindlesmarkt, even if we were really tired.

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