Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas is coming... to the Little Mole !!!

Last Thursday was a very special day. It was the Christmas performance @ school !!!

We had been practicing for more than a month and all of us were reaaaaaally nervous. We got there at 9am and started to get dressed. The gym was decorated very nicely with a big Christmas tree too. What a nice stage for our performance !!!

First came the Lady Birds all dressed in white and red. I did not see that because I was getting all ready for our show but mom told me that my friend Mona did a great job dancing around the tree.

Then came the Pixies to sing another Christmas song (Guillermo and Alana were real stars !) and, after that, it was the turn of the Cheeky Monkeys !!!

We played a Christmas theater and where I played the role of a Christmas tree.

Cis, Albert and Camille where also there and I think we all did a great job :-)

And then we got all together to sing along our favorite Christmas song: Jingle Bells !!! I really like the song and had practiced a lot at school and also at home but I was a bit nervous with so many people in the room.... Still, we all had a great time and specially enjoyed doing the "Hey!!!"

But the big surprise of the party arrived when Santa Claus joined us in his red robe loaded with a box full of presents !!! We all have been very good kids this years so he gave us a bag with stickers and a really cool T-shirt. What a nice end of party !

Here you can watch some videos..

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