Monday, December 5, 2011


Night of December 5. Neumarkt. Nikolaus is coming ..... I am very nervous !!!!!

Did you know that during the evening og December 5 a guy called Nikolaus comes to every house with a big sac? yes, I know it sounds pretty scary but it is really something very nice. Specially because in the sac there are loads of presents and, if you have been a good boy like me, then you get all of them !!!

I have nothing to fear because I am a super nice-well-behaved lad :-) so there I was all ready and nervous waiting for Nikolaus to come.

And he did !!!

He was really tall. Dressed in red. Long white beard. And, let's be honest, quite a big belly too ! So he came into the house and, after asking my parents if I had been a good guy, he gave me the presents.

Actually, have to confess that Nikolaus is a bit of a disaster because he game me Manuel's present, and then gave mine to Manuel. He claimed to be a "Nikolaus despistauuuuu", but with so many houses to visit... no wonder he is a bit confused !!! or maybe he is also Spanish like me??????

And after promising that next year I would also be a good boy and I would stop waking up at night I said goodbye to him.

I was just sorry for Tio Kaki who could not see him because he was in the toilet. But Nikolaus is a busy guy so he could not wait. Good that we took some pictures so that I can show him !

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