Sunday, December 4, 2011


This is a very special weekend. Not only because we are in Germany, or because Tio Kaki and Tia Fifi are here with us, or because Marcel has come to visit us with Jessica, Klaus & Herbert...
It is a very special weekend because today I got baptized !!!
We went to church in the morning, with a very cold weather and my best outfit. Didn't know what to expect about the whole thing but my parents kept on saying that it was something very special.
A guy with a very big belly and a colourfull dress (who turned out to be the priest) came close to us and asked us to go to next to a pile of water. Have to confess that I got a bit worried at that point but then he started to explain...
Being baptized is like being born again and becoming part of a bigger family. I like the idea but liked even more the fact that the water was quite warm after all :-)
The priest was a really nice guy and everyone was very happy. I was very happy too because I had all my family around me, well, everyone except for the abuelos. Really missed them but I know I will see them very soon for Christmas so I am not sad. Then I will be able to show them all the videos and the pictures we made!!!

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