Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Food is more than nourishment

Do you remember this picture? you will have to go back to one of the first posts in September 2009....

Yes ! is my brother Daniel having a blast with his first meals :-)

Mom said that I would start soon eating solids and that got me a bit worried so asked my brother Daniel about it and he said it would be a lot of fun.

Well... looking at his picture it definitively looks like !

So off I went to try the first puree a couple of weeks ago. Mom made a delicious pear puree and, though it tasted a bit funny in the beginning.... I just loved it !

Since then I am eating already three times a day and I have tasted all of this: pears, apple, grapes, melon, zucchini and pumpkin.

I have tried asking mom but she said that the jamon serrano would have to wait a bit longer :-)

Now, I am sure looking at both pictures many of you are wondering how could Daniel be so messy and me so civilized, right? well.... just have a look at this video and judge by yourself. You will see that I am also having my share of fun :-)

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