Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Being a baby (in France): such a hard life !

As you can see Daniel and my cousin Marcel are having a very active summer here in Vence but, don't you guys think that I am less busy just because I am a baby !

Every day starts early here in the South of France, probably too early for the liking of my parents but... how can you stay in bed when you have such a wonderful light outside????

There is just so much to do !

It gets hot very quickly so, while the big guys go to the pool I enjoy my time in a little bath tube right next to them.

Can't wait to grow up so that I can go and join the big guys in the pool but it is not a bad thing to be here either as I can lie down in the water and freshen up under the umbrella.

Camarero.... a milkshake please !!!

Hours pass by quickly when you are so relaxed and I very much enjoy to sit down in a chair during the afternoon as the sun gets less strong.

It is really nice to stay in the terrace and see how the light starts getting orange while I play with my little toys.

As you can see it is really a tough life so by that time I am ready for a bottle and my PJs.

Maybe mom and dad will consider moving to France at one point?

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