Thursday, August 25, 2011

Best Volksfest in the world !

So, after a well deserved nap I was all ready to hit the Volksfest !

For those who have never been there.... it is like a kind of Oktoberfest but much better because you still have the music, lovely traditional food and the beer !... but it is a really local festival and not touristic at all.

The large tend is a really funny place. Loaaaaaads of tables and benches where people sit together to have a beer, some food and a nice talk.

Music is also a must so there are plenty of great bands with guys in leather trousers who sing the local hits.

I was also really impressed with the waiters and how they can manage to carry so many beer Ma├čes. I tried myself to lift one of them and it was really hard !!!

We went for a walk by the attractions and mom & dad convinced me to climb on the Far West train.

However, have to confess that it was a bit too much for me. Yes, I may be a corazon latino but not fully ready for so much noise and party !

Hanne, Micha, Otmar & Andrea joined us on Saturday afternoon with their kids Julia, Leo & Antonia. We managed to get a nice table at the garden and ordered some food. And if Bayerisch food is good.... wait till you see Bayerisch girls !

I was sitting right next to Antonia and she is so cute and pretty that I was rather distracted from the eating. In any case, her papa was just sitting next to us so I finally decided to focus on my currywurst... just in case :-)

Manuel, when you are a big guy you will come with me to the Volksfest !

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