Monday, July 4, 2011

La Coruña

It has been a while but don't you think that Manuel and I have forgotten about you... the only reason why we have not been writing so often is because we have been really really La Coruña !!!

We arrived already 10 days ago and we have barely had a minute free. Such a busy social life :-)

El abuelo and the abuela had everything ready for our arrival.

My room is really cool and I love my extra large big boy bed. According to the long naps Manuel is having lately I believe he is also quite happy with his crib !

The weather is also behaving quite well so we go to the beach and to the parks very often.

Last Friday we went to the Monte San Pedro and I have to say we weren't disappointed at all !

It is a great park located in a high hill. The grass is so green that you just feel like rolling down the hill and the views of the city are really breathtaking.

I had a great time playing football with the abuelo, Rocco and a couple of new friends. Well, actually it was Rocco who had a blast grabbing the ball and biting it.... he is so fast !

Then I spent a long time at the playground and, by the end of the afternoon I was ready for dinner.

Pasta with tomate al fresco.... what a luxury !!!

Manuel was not able to try my pasta but he also managed to have a great time napping in our new stroller. You see? and he is dressed like a true Coruñes :-)

And when we thought the day could not get any better tio Kaki arrived by surprise to spend some time with us. Can you think of a better plan?

Ah ! I forgot.... tio Kaki just came back from his golf lessons and said that he did the best round of his life. He was really happy and said I should not forget to tell papa. Looks like they are planning to go together to the course when papa comes in a couple of weeks so he is getting ready to beat something (I could not get that clearly) out of him :-)

Don;t worry guys... I will keep you posted on the battle !

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