Monday, July 11, 2011

Going to the police

Wow, today it has been a really interesting day so I had to come and blog to tell you all about it.

Mom and I had to renew our passport so off we went to the Police in order to get it done.

Can you think of a better plan?

Mom had already told me that we would see many policemen and police cars so I was really excited about it but I was not ready for what was waiting....

There I met a really nice policeman who lent me his cup, showed me a gun and.... even let me jump into a police van !!!

For a moment I thought he was going to let me drive it but I guess I still have to grow a bit more for that :-)

Still, I think I did a good job because he even gave me a very nice black ball as a present. Not sure if the abuela will be that happy though because the ball jumps like crazy !

And when I thought things could not get any better then they asked me to put my fingers on a very cool machine to get my fingerprints.

As they do in the films !!!!

Mmmmm, guys get ready because when I grow up I am going to be the best policeman in the world :-)

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