Sunday, July 10, 2011

Aleteeeeeeeeeeee !!!

Or what is the same.... CHOCOLATEEEEE !!!

It is not the first time I blog about "Bonilla" my favorite chocolate place and, even if we are in the middle of summer, there is always a space for some hot chocolate with churros.

I have this deal with mom and the abuelos and they will take me to Bonilla every time I am a very good boy. I am afraid it doesn't happen as always as they would like to :-) but, once in a while..... I behave well and I have my sweet compensation.

Look, a couple of days ago I went there with mom, la abuela and Manuel and we had a lot of fun. I had a whole cup of chocolate for myself and 3 churros. Probably sounds like a lot but, still, I had to fight like a lion because mom wanted to eat it all !!!!

Unfortunately for Manuel he is too young to try chocolate but, as soon as he can, I will take him there myself.... well..... only if he is a good boy :-)

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