Tuesday, May 31, 2011

School is over !

And... while Manuel is busy picking cool outfits... don't you think that I am just scratching my belly....

I have been very busy training hard for the end of school performance ! So, today, we invited all parents to the school gym so that they could watch all the nice things we can do.

In the beginning I was a bit nervous so when I cam e in and saw mommy I kind of cried a little. But, hey ! I am a tough guy after all so I quickly got it together and got focused. After all... SHOW MUST GO ON !!!

The performance was about the jungle so we all sang together about the different animals who live there.

The elephant,... the lion,.... the monkeys,....

The guys from preschool played the key role but then my class stood up and showed the audience how fun caterpillars can be. Do you like our green and yellow outfits?

It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed singing with my friends Guillermo, Camille, Albert, Cis,....

Of course, we got a great ovation so... after so much hard work, we had to go out to the playground to celebrate. And what can be better than celebrating with a chocolate cake?

Yummmyyyy !!!!

Do you want to see more? have a look at this video

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