Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Onkel Klaus, Tante Jessie un Vetter Marcel

Last Saturday I had a great surprise when I woke from my nap: Onkel Klaus, Tante Jessie und Vetter Marcel had come all the way from Augsburg to visit us !!!!

We had a lot of fun because during the afternoon we went to a festival.

It is like the world famous Volkfest but a bit smaller.... plenty of things to do and.... sweets to eat too :-)

At first I was a bit overwhelmed because of so much noise, so many lights and, as they like to say in Bavaria... so viel loss !!! but then I kind of got used to it and I was happy as a bunny.

I just can't understand how did Manuel managed to sleep all the time with so much going on !!! this guy is a real marmota :-)

And, as an end of party, Marcel and I had our reward: an ice cream !

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