Monday, May 9, 2011

Jump jump jump

Today is Monday and, even though Mondays don't seem to be too popular, I do like them a lot.

Yes, of course I am sad that the weekend is over because I enjoy spending time with mom & dad so much but I also have a lot of fun @ the kindergarten so.... Monday.... yupyyyyyy !!!!

I have already told you several times about how cool my kindergarten is and the many things we do there: painting with the hands, exploring the park, planting flowers to celebrate spring, playing with sand....

But another thing that I like (and that's also another reason why Mondays rock) is that in the afternoon they open the playground and I meet there with all my friends to play and have a laugh.

Today I went there and did something that I had never done before: JUMP on the elastic bed ! Have you ever done that? looks pretty scary in the beginning but I can assure you that it is real fun !

It is even better when it is several of us in there and we jump against each other but, that's boy stuff so I guess I will leave it at that or mom will not take me there anymore :-)

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