Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Playdate @ home

One of the things I enjoy most is having playdates with my friends. Every week we meet in one of our houses during the afternoon and we play... and eat... and play.... and eat !

Yesterday we had a playdate @ our place and, as you can judge by the mess in the room, we had a great time.

Do you want to meet my friends?

Ladies first... Adri is one of the first friends I made here in Prague and she is also my neighbor.

Very often we meet on the way to the kindergarten so we talk a lot and (sssshhhhh) sometimes we also hold hands from stroller to stroller :-)

Her mom is from Peru so we talk in Spanish a lot.

Cis, Nahil and I are together in the same class at the kindergarten: "The Pixies".

We are a good team and play together a lot.... well... we play and we also do some naughty things so the teachers are always running after us.

Cis is has a young sister so he is also a big brother like me. Being a big brother is not an easy thing so Cis is giving me a lot of tips !

And Guillermo is my newest friend. His family just moved to Prague from Spain a couple of weeks ago. It is actually very funny because he is from Valencia like my cousin so... I have two Guillermos from Valencia in my life !

He is a really nice guy and we have a lot of fun playing together, even though our moms say that we are both very stubborn because sometimes we fight a bit.... don't they know that we are just boys and that's what boys are supposed to do? ah ! women !

Anyway, I am very happy that Guillermo is here and I am sure we are going to be great friends :-)

As you can see, even if I miss my people in China, I have great friends here is Prague. I guess that's the good thing of moving around... that you get to meet so many interesting people and have so many friends ! You see how lucky I am? now you just have to plan a trip to Prague so that you can join us for the next playdate...

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