Saturday, October 2, 2010

Selamat Datang to Bali !

...or what it is the same... Welcome to Bali !

We are indeed having a great time here. Nice weather, lovely food and, of course, loooong swims in the pool :-)

But don't you guys think I am just living la vida loca here. I am also doing the homework and taking the family out for day trips to explore the wonderful things that Bali has to offer.

And... as I love eating rice so much, our first day out had to be visiting the famous rice terraces.
You see? we found this amazing spot just by chance, driving around in a lost village and then.... just after a curve... we saw it.
Don't you think it is an amazing landscape?
I any case, I am a man of action and watching was not enough so that same afternoon we went to walk through the rice fields like real troopers.
It was actually very nice to see how the terraces are made to prevent the rapid run-off irrigation of water. That way, the plants can keep humid for a longer time till the earth absorves the water and the rice matures.
Ha ! impressed by my knowledge? well, not everything is going to be about eating !

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