Saturday, October 2, 2010

Discovering Ubud

So the first days of our trip in Bali we stayed in Seminyak, a small town by the sea where we just relaxed by the pool in our villa.

Then, we rented a car and drove all the way up to Ubud, the cultural and artistic capital of the island.

The drive itself was a bit of an adventure because, let me put it this way... Bali is not precisely Germany when it comes to road signposting... but thanks to mom's impressive map reading skills we landed smoothly in Ubud. Dad was also great driving on the left and dodging the crazy motorbikes !

And then we arrived to paradise: Alam Shanti.

A beautiful boutique hotel with traditional balinese houses surrounded by rice fields. Colonial verandhas where we had breakfast every morning overlooking the palm trees...

Lovely rooms with high wooden ceilings and... fans ! You can't imagine how much I loved getting myself under those big fans and getting all the hair messed up :-)

But the best of all was the pool. It was just for ourselves so I could go all naked and enjoy the swim.

We stayed there 5 days so we had plenty of time to do a bit of everything... spend time in the hotel and do plenty of day trips around the area where we saw many temples, enjoyed some performances of traditional Balinese dance and, of course.... shop till we dropped !!!

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