Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cultural Ubud with Daniel the explorer

And when I say cultural that applies to all of Bali but somehow you just feel it even more in Ubud.

The city center is not all that big but there are plenty of things going on and, in any case, I have taken my "explorer" role very seriously and have gone around quite a lot to the villages nearby... painting, wood carving, stone sculptures, jewelery (mom and grandma specially enjoyed that one :-) are just some of the many arts Balinese people master.

Traditional Balinese dances are also something very special and there are plenty of shows with professional dancers and musicians.

All of them take place at night and, as the good German boy I am, I was fast asleep by then but I really enjoyed the pictures and videos mom, dad, the abuelo and the abuela took so that I could also enjoy the show.

In any case, the fun continued as well during the day as in many temples the also played traditional music . When that happened I was well trained and could follow the Balinese moves for my own private audience.

So the Balinese people are not only creative, they are also very religious.. so my abuelo was like a fish in the water. You can find the most impressive temples you will ever see but it doesn't just stop at that. There are small temples everywhere and people do offerings every day.

Everything starts very early in the morning when they take little baskets made of leaves filled woth flowers, food and incense to the Gods. Well, not only Gods but also Demons that look pretty much scary indeed.

But more on temples, Gods and Demons to come soon... are you curious? you'll just have to wait till tomorrow !

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