Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Brunch @ the Corinthia with Gabi & Sofia

Last Sunday we went for brunch to a very nice hotel here in town, the Corinthia Towers. They run these yummy brunches every two weeks and for each on of them they have a special theme. Last week was ITALY !!!

So Manuel and I put on our best smiles and got ready to be charming bambinos because our friends Gabi & Sofia were joining us. It is really funny because their mom is Spanish like ours and their dad is German like ours too !!! As you can imagine we had loads to talk about :-)

So we had a lot of fun @ the brunch. The food was really nice and there was an area with many many toys so that we could play. Our friends Sofia & Gabi got their face painted and we even had the visit of a clown who was really nice but a bit silly so we had a lot of fun with him.

And then they took us to the kitchen were we had an opportunity to bake our own pizza. Isn't that cool? Now that I am a certified cook I am going to ask mom to buy me a hat like that one so that I can prepare dinner once in a while !!

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