Friday, March 30, 2012


Daniel and I love breakfast time, for several reasons:

1. Eating is our favorite sport so, by the time we wake up after a loooong night... our stomachs do "gggrrrrroooaaarrrr"

2. I am starting to eat alone like a real professional so I have plenty of fun grabbing the food from my own plate (even if the floor looks like a total mess after that!!!)

3. Daniel loves having breakfast too and his favorite food is bread with wurst (from Neumarkt, of course) and biscuits del abuelo :-)

4. All the family has breakfast together so Daniel and I really enjoy having that time with mom and dad !!!

I think there will only be one thing I will enjoy more... when will I be old enough to try that chocolate con bizcochos????

Can't wait !!! In the meanwhile.... I will just enjoy my breakfast.

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