Thursday, November 10, 2011


And, while madrina and tio Ricardo where here, we did a really cool thing... we took a train to go to Vienna !!!

It was a long trip but Guillermo and I really had a lot of fun looking out of the window and running up and down the corridor. Not sure Tio Ricardo had as much fun we did because he had to run after us all the time but,... hey !

We arrived quite early in the afternoon so we arranged to meet with our friend Kyra who now lives in Vienna. She introduced us to her new brother Erik and took us to a very elegant place - Cafe Opera - for a nice chocolate and a cake. Can you think of a better plan?

Monday was not so nice because I had some problems with my stomach so mom, Manuel and I stayed at the hotel while papa went to the office.

I was feeling quite sick but Guillermo came over to visit me a couple of times and that cheered me up a lot.

Have to say that I have really enjoyed seeing madrina, Tio Ricardo and Guillermo again. Mama said that they have agreed to meet more often so I am really happy and can't wait to see them again !

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