Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fun for kids .... and grownups too !!!!

Yesterday was a bank holiday here in Prague and there was no school so I got together with my friends Cis, Camille and Daphne for some fun at the Zoo !

I have already told you how great the zoo is here in Prague so I won't bore you with the details ... now you just need to know that the zoo is also a lot of fun in winter, even if it is very cold.

We saw birds, monkeys -quite cheeky too !- and also penguins who seemed to be quite happy in the chilly temperatures. Cis and Camille even had a ride on the poneys. I was a bit scared so I took a safe bet and went for the donkey statue instead :-)

But, hey, look at this picture you will see that we were not the only ones having fun here ! Considering the donkey ride and all the biscuits they ate... Camille, Cis and I suspect that our parents loved the excursion to the zoo as much as we did, or even more :-)

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