Thursday, February 10, 2011

34 weeks... and growing !

Have I already told you how much I look forward to having my new brother with me? Can't wait to show him my car collection !

However, it looks like I still have some more time to go... mom is now 34 weeks pregnant and she is groooooooowing :-)

In the evening, when I go to the couch for my bottle of milk and she stays with me, I love getting close to her belly so that I can touch it, kiss my new "didi" and tell him how much I like him already.

It is very funny because sometimes he moves a lot... maybe he likes football more than cars? mmm, maybe that's something I need to start exploring !

In the meanwhile, I am just going to be a good boy and take care of mom. I think she is a bit tired because she can't sleep very well. She says her tummy is too big but I don't think so... I actually think that Opa's is even bigger !

In any case, I like her belly and I think she looks very cute...

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