Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Budapest here we come !

Once again dad had a business trip and... once again we went with him ! (mmmmm, I may need to have a conversation with dad's boss about all this traveling :-)

Last Friday we took a plane and went to Budapest. The trip was a lot of fun and they did not loose our luggage !

On Saturday we had a great day. The sun was shining so we went for a tour around the old city. First stop: Parliament ! and then we just walked down the river, enjoying the wonderful bridges and the little streets. I specially liked this bridge because there were biiiiiiiiig lions. Can you see them?

But, hey, being a tourist can be tough so we also had a break here and there to enjoy the local playgrounds :-)

We just loved it there and was very interesting to discover how much fun could Manuel have with the swing.

He was laughing so loud !

On Sunday the weather was really bad but, as we are real troopers, off we went to the castle area.

Even in a foggy and rainy day the view was just fantastic.

We will soon tell you more about our last stop over on Sunday.

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