Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Or, what is the same..... Big Boy Bed !!!

Yes, I have finally graduated and last week moved into my new bed. Do you like it?

Have to say that I was really happy with my crib but a Big Boy Bed... you can't really say NO to something like that !

Mom and Dad have been making some changes in preparation for the arrival of my new brother so, now that I am not a baby any more... I am getting all the cool stuff.

Do you want to see more? Welcome to my room !
  • nice wardrobes with bright and happy colors where mom stores all my cloth
  • cool stickers of cars on the wall
  • a fancy orange lamp that my madrina gave to mom as a present a looong time ago
  • my super-duper-new-bed !!!
  • nice bed linen with plenty of little animals (including penguins!) to keep me company at night
But, don't you think everything is changing... I still keep my little tigers from China. After all, a guy has to keep an eye on his property so my little friends help me with the task :-)

So, I hope you have enjoyed the tour around my room. Next time you come over for a visit you can see it in person and... now that I have more space than in the crib,... you are also welcome to nap with me in my new bed !

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