Thursday, August 12, 2010

Monte de San Pedro

And the good weather continues ... well, at least till daddy comes home on Saturday :-) so we enjoy every day and go out for walks as often as we can.

I already told you about my wonderful experiences at the playground but, today, I want to tell you about the Monte de San Pedro, the most beautiful park in the world !

Green green grass, a lake and the most gorgeous views of La Coruna that you can ever imagine. I really love running up and down those hills, rolling around on the grass.

Then, when I am totally exhausted, we just go for a rest to the cafeteria where I can enjoy my bottle of milk while a watch the Hercules Tower and the Riazor Beach far away.

And it is even more fun when there is wind... You see? last week we went there for a walk and it was very windy so, after all the running, playing and chasing my hair was all messy.

Mom and the abuela where very thoughtful and took a comb to make me look pretty again so... after that... I also took the comb and styled up my dear friend Rocco. He looked so cute after the hair dressing session !

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