Saturday, October 27, 2012

What a Saturday !!!

If Manuel and I suspected this was going to be a special weekend... Saturday has already met our expectations !!!

We kicked off the day welcoming the first snow of the year. It hasn't stopped snowing the whole day so you should see Oma's garden now... All white !

Then we went to Playmobiland and we spent the whole day playing... Castles... Planes... Zoo... But the best of all was having Adri, Alana, Guillermo and Aurelia with me. That was a real
surprise :-)

Then we went to Nuremberg to see Farisha, my friends Daniel, Noah and Leah. She is just 3 months old but already a real trooper.

And then.. We want to have some pizza with my friends Toni, Leo and Julia. As you can imagine I am rather exhausted so I better go to bed and get some rest because if tomorrow is half as exciting as today....

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