Monday, June 4, 2012

Oh Madrid !

A couple of weekends ago we went to Madrid to visit Madrina, Tio Ricardo and primo Guillermo. It was a very looong time since we had met so all of us were really looking forward to it.

I was really impressed when we saw Guillermo... HE IS SUCH A BIG BOY !!!! We really had a lot of fun playing together with all his cars (he has even more than I do :-), going to the playground and bathing like professionals.

Do you like our big, blue (of course) pool? it was so hot that we jumped in right away. I fear Manuel and I were a bit too eager because poor Guillermo took a while to join the 'tigers'.... not surprised !

It was really a great weekend and we are already looking forward to the next get together.

Ah ! and Madrina bought me a set of roller blades. Such a cool presents ! Do you want to see me in action with them????? well, you will just have to watch this space then :-)

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