Tuesday, May 8, 2012


There are plenty of things Manuel and I love from Prague but one of them is that in every corner there is a playground. And don't just think that I mean any kind of playground.... I have never seen parks and playgrounds like this !!!

Today was bank holiday and papa had to work so Manuel and I got ready for a day @ the park with mom. We met there with Guillermo, Caterina, Alana and (my beloved) Emma.

When we arrived I could not believe my eyes. There were like 5 different playgrounds in one !!!! One area was made of wood with plenty of bridges, steps and ropes.... another area had sand and a waterwheel... then another for climbing...

We just played everywhere but there was so much to do that we need to bring dad another day so that we can get to see everything.

 By noon we were really hungry so really enjoyed the lunch box with pasta carbonara that mama brought to the playground. Well... specially Manuel !!! you don't believe me? watch the video...

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