Sunday, April 8, 2012

Playmobiland... here we come !

Do you like Playmobil? If you do, you will be real jealous when I tell you what we did today.

Yes ! we went to Playmobiland ! or should I say Playmobilheaven?

We first went to the indoor playground and could barely believe all the cool toys I saw there. And we could just play with everything ! I loved playing with the police helicopter while Marcel had a lot of fun parking all the ambulances.

I even played a football match with papa who, according to the picture, seemed to enjoyed even more than I did !

But what I really enjoyed was the Zoo. Marcel and I played there for a looooong time but I just couldn't get away from all the animals there.

Zebras, Lions, Panda bears, penguins, elephants, giraffes,... There was even a Kangaroo and when I looked into the bag... Surprise ! there was a baby kangaroo inside :-)

It was very very cold but we couldn't miss the chance to go for around in the park. So many things to see !

I really loved the lake with the pirate boat and Papa even took Marcel and I for a round in the raft. Must confess that I was a bit scared, not because of daddy's sailing skills (even if he managed to 'park' the other way round) but that thing was really moving a lot !

So I decided to play it safe and enjoyed the tour seating down while Marcel helped papa like a professional cabin boy.

The Farm was also a favorite so I really enjoyed climbing up the straw, feeding the horses and washing the cows.

Have to say that Old MacDonald is a lucky guy... I wouldn't mind having a farm of my own :-)

And the best of all? that Playmobiland is just 20 minutes away from Oma & Opa's house so I am definitively planning to visit again soon !

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